Let’s play
The tumbling game
You take my hand
I take your name


Oh come on down
Under the quilt
Yeah snuggle down
In the eiderdown
Upside down


I’m under
I’m over you
I’m under you
I’m over you


Let’s go
Around the world
I’d like to be
Your servant girl
Oh no I’m not 
I’m a cannibal queen
Oh no I’m not
I’m a hottentot
Ready or not


I’m under you
I’m over you
I’m ten years younger
I’m under you
I’m two years older
I’m over you


Let’s say
You’re back from the war
All caked with mud
All tired and sore
Oh come to me
I’ll fix you up
Yeah come to me
And I’ll make you tea
From the red cross tree


I’m under you...