The Good Morning


I imagined a room
The colors of calm
Where cold couldn’t penetrate
Beasts couldn’t bite
A room where the walls
Would relate pale tales
Of ancient cities: arch and atrium
Cornice and vault
I imagined a room like lakes at night
All hush and suspension
All glimmer and pause


And into this room came a wind
It began in my belly
And blew from my mouth
And tumbled the underwear
Out of their drawers
And whipped up the sheets
Till they flew off the mattress
And slapped at the doors


I’ve awakened before you
Outside it’s snowing
The room is rinsed in a thin white glaze
Taxis churn up the slush
As they round the corner
Milk of your skin
Fermenting in dreams
Your hair a dark maze
I trace with one finger


Deep in your sleep you kiss my palm
I fall down again to you
Clasping your back
Till breath drawn together
Is all that I know
The shared domain behind our eyelids
Perfectly spherical perfectly sane
As lucid and plain
As a pearl’s inner chamber
Gleam of a room I imagined
A ghost life ago