Developed by Michael Barrett and Jamie Bernstein 
                                       Written by Jamie Bernstein




MUSIC: Symph No. 40, G min, K550 
 Last mvt, beginning to 1st repeat     


(During music above, JB dressed as Wolfgang appears, and wanders through the orchestra)


Hello, everybody! It's me, Wolfgang -- you know: MOZART. Surprised to see me? Well, I just had to show up for my birthday party. I love parties! And I certainly couldn't miss my 250th. Okay, so it was two years ago, but hey: I’m still celebrating!  I'm looking pretty good for 252, don't you think??


What you just heard was a little snippet of my 40th symphony. I wrote 41 of 'em altogether… yeah, that's a lot of notes. I wonder if anyone ever counted up how many notes I wrote in my 35 years. 35 years isn't a very long time, it's true, but I got started early. I couldn't help it. Music just kept bubbling up in my head and leaking out of me. In the beginning, my Papa, Leopold Mozart, wrote the notes down for me, because I was only 4, and I didn't know how to write yet. I would dictate the notes to Papa, and then he'd write them down and give the music to my big sister to play. Her name was Marianne, but we called her Nannerl. We had a canary and a cat and a dog. Our dog's name was Bimperl. Bimperl! Isn't that a great name?!




I went to Italy 3 different times. What a great place -- especiallyNaples! I discovered three really great things in Naples: ice cream, chocolate, and OPERA. I couldn't WAIT to write my own opera. I tell you, there's nothing better than hearing that overture start up, and knowing that you're about to hear all that beautiful singing.  Wait -- you do know what an overture is, right? Yeah, it's the music at the very beginning of the opera, before the curtain goes up. (to orch) Hey, do you guys happen to know the overture to "Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebotes?" You do? Great! (to aud) Here's my very first overture from my very first opera -- which I wrote when I was 11.  


                        MUSIC: Overture to "Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebotes"
                                                K 35            (11 yrs old)           




I think the best moment in my life was when I finally visited the city of Prague, and discovered that the whole town had gone crazy over my opera "The Marriage of Figaro."

Back home in Vienna, nobody cared that much about it, but in Prague, they'd gone nuts! Even the homeless guys on the street were singing the overture to "Marriage of Figaro!"  Now listen: this music starts really, really quiet. But wait’ll you hear how I build it up!                                                                                                           

                                    10. MUSIC: "Figaro" overture (entire)                        
God, I'm good.