Mister, Mister


Mister Mister Mister
You mustn’t miss your train
Take it easy Mister
It’s coming back again
All aboard for Boston
And all aboard for Lynn
All aboard for places 
Where Mister’s never been


Oh oh oh oh


Pack a skinny suitcase
And pick a window seat
Mister’s headed someplace
He’s got a friend to meet
Is she very pretty
And is she very tall
Is she from the city
Or is she there at all


Oh oh oh oh


Somewhere else the light is fading
And somewhere else
The clock’s on time
Dead on time


What’s the matter Mister
Where you goin Mister
Can’t you tell me Mister
Better hurry hurry Mister


Judy Judy Judy
You’re gonna have a guest
Wear your Russian rubies
At Mister’s own request
Whistle for your supper
And sing for your dessert
Loosen up the zipper
Behind your satin skirt


Oh oh oh oh


Somewhere else
A child is calling
And somewhere else
The clock’s on time
Dead on time


Are you ready Judy
What’s the hurry Judy
Can’t you tell me Judy
Are you hungry hungry Judy


All aboard for briefcase
And all aboard for tie
All aboard for black lace
Against a milky thigh


Are you ready Judy
Don’t be choosy Judy
Get the money Judy
Kiss your Mister Judy


Ain’t she a beauty Mister
Do your duty Mister
Better hurry Mister
You’re so lucky Judy Mister Judy Mister


Oh oh oh oh