I Know How I Look


At midnight the meat trucks come rolling in
It’s time to go to work
I pick my favorite spot
The streets are dark and shiny, slick with rain
The air smells like an open wound
And I’m hot


My arms and legs are long and smooth and flash
They said I could have played some serious ball
My moves are fluid, my mouth’s a bright red slash
And my black pumps make my feet look almost small


I got brand new stockings 
A skirt made of metal rings
Some people think I’m ugly
Well that’s their right
And sometimes the cabbies shout disgusting things
But I don’t mind as long as it’s a busy night
No I don’t mind


I know how I look
Oh sure
I know how I look


I got this real good friend who comes to visit
We ride around in his black-windowed limousine
He’s regular as bank hours in his habits
And he always wears my pearls on Halloween


He says I look like Garbo – or was it Bardot
He says he likes it when I sing like Steely Dan
He gets real quiet afterwards but oh I know
That he’s just a very tired businessman


And in his eyes
I know how I look
I know how I look


I still like what I see when I check the mirror
Except for that purple blotch I have to cover up
Some days I get so tired I just feel
Run over
I try not to think about
A lot of stuff


Gotta keep on striking while the iron’s hot
Gotta do the thing gotta pass myself around
While I look this good I’ll give it all I got
When my number’s up I’ll go without a sound


But as for now
I know how I look
I know how I look
Don’t care what people say
I like to look this way
Oh sure
I know how I look
Ooh babe I don’t mind
Oh I’m just fine
I know how I look