This song was part of a show I wrote for my father on his 50th birthday.


Recorded at Columbia Studios, NYC, when I was 16!

Fastest Beast

in the East


I'm leavin' Fairfield for a day
It's 10 a.m., I'm on my way
I've had my coffee and my eggs
My fam'ly crowds around my legs
I gently push them all aside
And climb astride


My Maserati my Maserati my Maserati


The morning sun shines on my face
I'm gettin' looks from every place
"Hey! That's Leonard Bernstein, the movie star!
And man oh man, look at his car."
Ho hum I say, an average day in


My Maserati my Maserati my Maserati


That crazy fifth gear blows my mind
It leaves the other cars behind
And as I gracefully thunder past
I give my horn a little blast
Oh watch them move
I really groove in


My Maserati my Maserati my Maserati


Oh what a gorgeous pair are we
My silver sports car and golden me
She catches everybody's eye
And I admit it, so do I
Talk's everywhere 'bout the affair
Of Lenny and his


Maserati his Maserati his Maserati...