Written in the Dakota Building, on the first anniversary of John Lennon's murder.

Dec. 8


When the trees go bare like this
You feel like you could see
Straight to the soul of the cold brown park
On this gray December Monday
A knot of people stands around one spot
'Till after dark
They sing the fine old songs yeah
Like we did back then

And imagine
They imagine and remember
Oh they remember
They remember and imagine


I remember the night
The news came on the radio
From the same DJ
Who talked me through my teens
I remember running down
Round and round the stairwell
A howling in my ears
A howling in the whole town


Oh I imagine
I imagine and remember
Yes I remember
I remember and imagine


After that night
Nobody walked so spry
Now we all carry round
The same gray cinderblock of pity
We still sing the fine old songs like we did back then
But they've taken on a shadow
Liker a twilight deepening on the city
The colors of longing
The colors of please and never
And never


So we learned what grownups know
About seasons that cannot stay
About a lover left all alone
Stuff we'd rather not have known
We never wanted to be grownups this way
We got torn awake
In the middle of the night
So cold and awful


Oh we still sing the fine old songs sure
Like we did back then
But we'll never sleep the angel sleep again


We imagine and remember
We remember


We remember and imagine